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No Authority Paintball

Tournaments and Events

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Tournaments and Events
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Tournaments and Events Attended:

Members of our team have participated in the following tournaments:


2-man at Bulldog Front Paintball – 2nd out of 6

3-man open at Bulldog Front Paintball – 5th out of 7

3- man rookie/novice at Bulldog Front Paintball – 4th out of 11

4- man at Xtreme Paintball – 6th out of 26

3-man 6 week league at Bonne Terre Paintball – 2nd out of 7


Upcoming Tournaments and Events:
4-man at Xtreme Paintball - March 9th
We also plan to play 3 to 5 more tournament events through out the season. Their dates are not set in stone yet. We plan to attend the PSP Chicago event this season as spectators.