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No Authority Paintball
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Full Team Resume


Team No Authority has recently reformed this year. However we have all played under the name No Authority or as a part of other teams in the past. We are all very experienced players with a passion for the game and a commitment to promoting the growth of the sport and industry. We all have values in the game. We discourage cheating in all forms and strive to be the best.


We have all been playing paintball for many years and we practice 3 weekends a month at local fields. We are looking to advance in the sport as best we can. We own a Sup-air 5 man field set up with a snake and dorito so we know we will always have a place to practice. We also own 2 bulk compressed air tanks so we will always have air.


Here is a short list of what we have done and where we are headed:


Members of our team have participated in the following tournaments:


2-man at Bulldog Front Paintball – 2nd out of 6

3-man open at Bulldog Front Paintball – 5th out of 7

3- man rookie/novice at Bulldog Front Paintball – 4th out of 11

4- man at Xtreme Paintball – 6th out of 26

3-man 6 week Tournament league at Bonne Terre Paintball – 2nd out of 7


We plan to attend the Xtreme Paintball tournament again this year in March. We also plan to play 3 to 5 more tournament events through out the season. Their dates are not set in stone yet. We plan to attend the PSP Chicago event this season as spectators and will display your logo proudly there.


In the future we plan to move on to PSP and/or NPPL events.


We would like to work with you and create a partnership that helps you achieve your goals and helps us achieve ours.








All of our team members use great markers. We have two Smart Parts Shockers, an AKALMP Viking, A Bob long 2.5 Dragon Intimidator, and a Smart Parts Ion. We have experience in repair and tech work on each marker and can maintain their performance as well as our own. We will never be without a working marker for an event.


At No Authority we offer many things to our sponsors:


1. A space for your logo

            On our jerseys, our team banner, our markers, our cars, our websites, or where ever else you may want it. We will wear it with pride and display it constantly.


2. A strong internet presence

            We are members of several paintball forums and we post there often. We have over 500 posts on some. A link to your website could appear on each and every post, as well as on our websites.


3. A reliable hard working team

            We'll be together for a long time. We all get along well. We work together, play paintball together and some even attend school together. We plan to work with you the sponsor as long as possible.


4. A team that plays

            We plan to play several events this season. We will have them all listed on our websites as soon as dates are confirmed. At each of these events we will proudly display your logo and/or contact info. Other teams and spectators will know what a great business you are when they see us succeed.


5. We do not expect a free ride

            We will work with you for our sponsorship by Passing out flyers, talking about your business, using your products, displaying your banner, or even working a booth at an event or working in your shop.


6. Advertising

            As a business owner you know how much advertising is needed to promote your business. It can be very costly and time consuming. By working with us, you will have little to no out of pocket expense and your name will be seen by hundreds to thousands of paintball players. There are over 300,000

members of a forum that a link to your website could be on every time we post.






Team Roster


Chris Weiss

Shoots: AKA Viking

Playing time : 6 years

Age: 16

Position : Back and Mid


Jordan Miller

Shoots: Smart Parts Shockers

Playing time: 6 years

Age: 20

Position: Front and Mid


Zach Perry

Shoots: Smart Parts Ion

Playing time: 6 years

Age: 17

Position: Back and Mid


Trey Reeves

Shoots: Smart Parts Ion

Playing time: 5 years

Age: 16

Position: Front and Mid


Todd Renshaw

Shoots: Bob Long 2.5 Dragon Intimidator

Playing time: 7 Years

Age: 19

Position: Mid and Front


Contact Info:


Name: Chris Weiss

Home Phone: 573-358-7827

Cell Phone: 573-576-1114


Forum Username: qwarnon

Websites: and