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James (jamie) Gowen
The "G" part of G-Dub
He's our paint, body and domestics man.
He drives a Cobalt and a z-28 camaro.
He's also got an old blazer mud truck.

Duane Gowen
James's dad
He's got a 92 blazer show truck
and an old ford mud truck
He's the old school chevy guy

our other paint and body man
He drives a 89 Mustang
He's our ford and import guy.

Laura (larry) Elam
James' girlfriend
shes pretty much useless
she rides in james' car.

Kevin Courtois
He drives the 92 z-28
He's another audio guy.
He's our "late model" GM guy


Chris (Big Whitey or Moose) Weiss
The "Dub" part of G-Dub.
He's our audio and import guy.
He drives an EF civic sedan
He's working on a s13 240sx with a 327 swap

Steve Haffer
He drives a 79 trans am
and a lifted gmc jimmy
He's another gm guy

Todd Renshaw
He drives a 2002 mustang
He's also got 2 project camaros
He's our all around general mechanic


Rachael Ludwig
She drives an 06 mustang GT
and the tink mobile.

We're always looking for more members, sponsors, models, and ppl to hang with!